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Material Involved:

Assab Steel – 718, Stavax, 8407, Nak 80, P20


TV, Air Conditioner Panel, Industrial Fan, Home Appliances, DVD Electrical Component, Car Audio, Camera Part, Stationery, Printer Cartridge, Automotive Parts, and Medical Products.



Excel Mould Flow Chart



Our Plastic Injection Moulding Products

Our plastic injection moulding products are one of the most complete in Malaysia, particularly in the automotive parts sector, with processes which meets industrial standards at all steps. We work closely with clients to understand the exact demands with accurate dimensions accordingly. Excel Mould is known to be a one stop solution from designing your mould to manufacturing your products to packing and shipment. Our team of experienced mould makers coupled with state-of-the-art equipment allow us to manufacture quality plastic injections mould to precise requirements from clients. Excel Mould also helps refine the output of primary manufacturing processes to produce high quality finished products. You can refer our manufacturing process flow chart below to better understand exact steps on what makes us on of the best in Malaysia.

The Application of Injection Molding in Automotive Parts Production

Plastic molding injection in the automotive industry is the manufacturing of parts and assemblies by forcing molten material through a mold under pressure. Automotive plastic injection molding differs from other plastic molding processes in that a high volume of parts must be produced at a very quick rate. This calls for the use of sophisticated equipment and machinery as well as highly skilled and experienced personnel. Automotive parts suppliers produce some components for car manufacturers, such as the door handles, grilles, and other components at a low cost and with a high degree of accuracy.

One of the main reasons why automotive parts are made through plastic injection molding is that it is possible to produce a large number of parts in a very short amount of  time. This means higher production rates which make it possible for carmakers to plan ahead and forecast demand, while at the same time keeping costs low. Automotive plastic parts are used in a wide variety of applications. These include car components such as bumpers, AC ducts, and door panels as well as engine parts like injectors and fuel rails.

Plastic injection molding is also used to produce high wear automotive parts that need to be extremely durable for things like pedal assemblies, gears, and other moving parts. In the automotive industry, plastic injection molding is used to produce a vast number of parts and components which are essential for maintaining the performance as well as the fuel efficiency of luxury cars. The process has become increasingly popular as more manufacturers look to reduce costs by switching from cast or metal stamped components.

Plastic injection molding can greatly simplify the manufacturing process, especially in industries such as automotive parts where complex components are involved. An injection molding machine has the ability to produce thousands of finished goods in one go, which is why it has become such a popular choice.